Wednesday, March 26, 2014

MUA Haul = Lighter Wallet

Online shopping is a terrible, wonderful, horrible, whimsical adventure. Some days you find everything you could possibly want and other days it's like a barren waste land. I had a good day - a great day infact! The brush I've been lusting over was finally in stock and so were a couple of lipsticks. It was makeup galore but I ended up with a lighter wallet - before the month even begins! 
(fyi I don't watch Degrassi)
I went a little MUA cray cray but the prices and quality are damn good. Here's what I dropped into that tiny evil shopping cart:
1. MUA Stippling Brush (F2)
I cannot begin to express how many times I cheched for this damn brush to be "in stock" and finally, on that glorious, gloriousday IT WAS! I have yet to try it but it's soft (always a good sign) and personally I love the white bit. It's smaller than I expected but I am not one to complain.

2. MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer - Funk
Jessica-Anne  blogged about the Lime Crime Velvetine Lip Lacquers and I was lusting for one soon after. Lime Crime isn't avaliable where I live but when I found out the close dupes aka MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer was avaliable I reacted a wee bit like this:
(okay a lot like this)
I got the shade "Funk" a blue toned pink. The product is supposed to go on like gloss then set like matt and last forever...I was going to pick up another shade but decided to go with one, test it out, then purchase another.

3. MUA Luxe Precision Felt Eyeliner 
I've bought three eyeliners in the past two months and hated all of them. I bought the Maybelline MasterDrama eyeliner which I hated - sticks to your skin and the after one sharpen it broke! and an Essence Liquid eyeliner which was disappointing - it was light and streaked. Being in the market for a new eyeliner, I snatched this one up in the hopes of being redeemed from this eyeliner "drama".

4. MUA Matte Lipstick - Peachy Keen & Scarlet Siren
Intially I had placed an order for Wild Berry as well (seeing as though berry lips are my go-to lip most often) but didn't receive with my parcel... I was (still am) sorta bummed but I now own another red to add to my collection and a gorgeous peachy pink - a color which I don't own. I've read a couple of reviews and the only problem that seemed most common was that they wouldn't glide on and would dry the lips but that's anticipated from a matte lip product - so now I have to exfoliate and balm my lips up! 

Most probably after posting this I will die with the immense amount of guilt for spending money. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

To Be Or Not To Be? MUA'S PowerPout in "Crazy in Love" | Review


Never before have I experienced such an amazing lip product! It was instant love - from the packing, to the color, to the scent, all the way down to the price! I've been lusting over the Revlon Lip Balms for a while now but they are pretty hard to find where I live so when I found this amazeball dupe on just4girls  and had a major beauty fangirl moment. Little did I know that I would fall in love with this crayon. 

The MUA PowerPouts are quite comparable to Revlon's Kissable Lip Balms and this particular shade is the darkest, berriest shade much like "Crush" by Revlon. I haven't yet personally tried the Revlon's Lip Balms so I can't say much but the MUA PowerPout's blew me away. It's super pigmented, hydrating and smells minty but not overwhelmingly. The only flaw is that is melts away easily...

This crayon- like lip balm \ lipstick has been my go to lip product and quite possibly my statement lip color at work! I am so happy with MUA's PowerPout in "Crazy in Love"! 

If you live in Pakistan, you can purchase this here for just PKR 500!

What has been you favorite lip product lately? 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Checking Examinations - SOS!

After spending the weekend checking final exam papers I came to the realization the teaching is the most underestimated job and I'm and not getting paid enough. However, spending 11 hours non-stop checking these mystical anomalies, I have compiled a list of my reactions throughout the process. Fellow teachers, let me know what you go though and how you feel why checking exam papers.

1. The Student Who Think's It's Cool To Add Two Options For A Fill In The Blank: 

2. The Student Whose Handwriting Is Worse Then My Doctor's:

3. The Student Who Hasn't Studied And Winged The Entire Exam:

By the end of it I was dead - my soul had flown away.

 But I survived only to be plummeted with 7 more piles of exams.

I hope by the end end of it I'll still be a person breathing and just a walking corpse.