Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Daily bag / travel essentials

University life begins in a couple of weeks and am feel like an excited five year old child! I'm actually quite pumped for lectures and assessments (which may last like, five minutes). 
At this moment, I have zero uni advice but I do have a few pieces of advice for your bag and travel (from uni to home!)

My university bag/travel essentials kind of also double for my daily essentials! 

1.  my planner - I don't plan a lot, mainly because I don't have much to plan but I feel more like "I'm super organised and awesome" because I have a planner in my bag.
The planner itself is from Typo but I collaged it, as you do. 

2. headphone - headphones are a must, especially if you use public transport. A lot of travelling is involved on a daily basis & I tend to get lethargic after a while, so my keeping my headphones on, I feel a bit more comfortable and it makes the journey go faster. 

3. pencil case - I adore fun, colourful pens and I always keep them on hand for random ideas or doodles. 

4. a mac lipstick - need I say more? I always keep a lipstick at hand and nowadays since I'm crazy in love with mac lipsticks, I always have one swimming in my bag. This one is 
"twig" = <3!

things not pictured:

5. snacks - this one is a legit need. I recommend to have savoury snacks rather than sweets because that just makes you feel even more like vomiting if you have long journeys. 

6. a book - even if you don't read on a daily basis, a book at hand makes the journey seem a bit more doable.  

What are your essentials?

Items pictured:
- Macbook Air
- Target Headphones $8
- Typo Pencil Case $14.99
- Typo Planner $19.99
- MAC Twig $36
- Betts Tao Shoes $59.99