Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Brilliant bargains in Karachi!

For the times when your wallet is light but you need something really bad, bargains are the problem solver. However, living in Pakistan, descent bargains in the beauty region are pretty hard to find. You have to make sure of a lot of things: is it a real product (as in an original rather than a copy), has it been tested before hand etc. There are some things and places where bargains are pretty darn good in Karachi. You really do "gain" something with a bargain. (See what I did there? he he)

* Make-up brushes: Why spend a lot on brushes when you can find the same thing, a whole lot cheaper? The only difference would be the brand of the brush but honeslty that really doesn't matter. Just remember to give it a good wash before-hand (that goes for all brushes). 
You can find make up brushes in Karachi on Tariq Rd behind Tariq Centere (the big, green building) in any of the make up shops.
* Nail Polishes: A couple of years back before I was on the make-up + nail polish bandwagon, I spotted the OPI nail polish in Bubble Bath in one of the shops behind Tariq Centre for three times cheaper than in an normal department store. I regret not picking it up till this day. Nail polishes are something that you have to take a chance with. Brands are that much of an issue, either the nail polish is a keeper or complete crap but it's better then spending a buckload on one polish rather than spending the same amount of money but for four to five nail polishes at the same time! BARGAIN! 
You can find nail polishes in Karachi on Tariq Rd behind Tariq Centere (the big, green building) in any of the make up shops.
* Rare beauty finds: Sometimes, if you're really lucky you may be able to find an awesome make-up product for half the price in these shops. But if you do, be careful and take care of the following things:
1. It's a sealed item. A lot of of the time, they have some pretty rad beauty finds (Wet'n Wild products, Covergirl) but the items have been used for testing etc. If you like a product a lot, make sure to ask if they have another piece that's sealed and never buy the item if they open it and test in front of you, that just means that they open other products as well. 
2. It's an original. How do you know if it's original? Just by the font of the packing. Every company has a specific font and if you look long enough you'll see a fake miles away. Also, the packing can give a lot away as well. You just have to keep a sharp eye. 
3. Don't trust what they shopkeeper says. In the kind of hops were bargains are possible, the shopkeepers are not the best salespeople. They'll sell you the product, but mostly with lies. Make sure you're smart about your purchase, don't let the shopkeeper talk you into a bad buy.
I found the Rimmel Glam'Eyes HD Eyeshadows in English Oak in one the shops, it was sealed and hadn't been tested and the best thing - it was HALF THE PRICE! I didn't buy (waiting to get paid) it but hopefully it'll be there when I go back in a couple of days. 

*Books:Other than beauty finds, there are some great places - online -where you can find books for a great price! Books in Pakistan are pretty darn expensive. I mean, you could also buy a fake (but my heart doesn't allow me to do such a cruel act) so I'm always on the lookout for a discount of original books.
 If you don't mind second-hand books, try Sunday Bazaars. They offer an array of books and magazines for a great price and sometimes originals and first-hand copies.
If you're like me and you want a new copy of a book, try READINGS. It's an online bookshop with amazing (and I mean mindblowing, phenomenal) discounts. 
Maybe if I buy a resonable amount of bargains, I'll post about it?

Have you found any good bargains lately?
Hope this helps! 

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