Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How far would you go for money?

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Finding a job that you really love nowadays is hard. Finding a job that pays reasonably well is hard. But what's more important? You're passion or the money? 

Recently, I started working in a school - and by recently I mean a month ago - and it just didn't feel right. Does that even make sense I wonder? The thing is that there isn't any passion, commitment, or just the feeling of plain joy working this this school that shall, obviously, remain anonymous. The other teachers seem fed up and frustrated and the curriculum itself is too shameful to discuss. 
Now rewinding back to two months ago when I got the job. I was super happy, because not only was the pay amazing, the name of the school was pretty prestigious and I was over the moon. And now back to today, right now. I'm definalty not "over the moon" anymore. I feel like I was conned and it's not a pretty feeling. But one thing keeps on circling my mind. A simple question that make's me wonder not only about the mentality of other teachers but the education system in general. Would you rather work in a place that pay's a hell of a lot but doesn't give you a sense of accomplishment or would you rather work for a place that pay's okay but give's you happiness and self- accomplishment? Basically, how far are you willing to go just for money?

P.S. I realize that everyone has personal finance problems. 

I gave my resignation letter only to be swamped with questions as to why i'm leaving which left me perplexed. I mean, don't they see the crashing management for themselves? Or has the money blinded their common sense? I was brutally honest when I said that for me, I don't want money if I don't feel comfortable working in a place where I, as a person, am not allowed to do  things that I should be allowed to do. I mean, I need room to work and "ain't nobody dulling my shine!".  Unfortunately, I think I've started a civil attack. Other teachers are now prepared to resign because they realize that the circumstances their working in are a bit too strict. I kinda feel like Katniss.

Back to my point. Maybe I'm not one to work under someone when I know their wrong? Or maybe ethics are of greater importance than money? Whatever it is, I don't think anyone should ever have to settle for less, after all

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What's more important for you? You're passion or money?

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