Monday, August 25, 2014

Doctor Who - "Deep Breath" Breakdown

It's been a year long wait and I have to say that I was spectacle is see if Capaldi could pull off being the 13th Doctor, and don't get me wrong - it's not the age (that's symbolic) it's the fact that he was over hyped, with the World Tour and all that. David Tennent and Matt Smith didn't get that fifteen minutes of fame prior to their first appearances which made their entry much more significant and memorable and nor did the audience have set expectations about him. 

The episode began with a dinosaur in London, and maybe it was just me, but I wasn't happy with the start. It seemed confusing (and not in the normal DW way) and a bit to "try hard" if that makes any sense. I would have liked the episode to begin where it ended - would have been much more emotional and sentimental. 

The entire premise was a bit shaken up and I honestly thought that Capaldi tried too hard in some scenes and I was able to fall in love with he's Doctor like I was able to with Tennent and Smith. There wasn't that "zing" in him, which let me down. 

Clara was a scene stealer and I love her so much! She grew so much in the episode - letting her Doctor go was such a huge step for her because afterall, he was the first face she saw (in a way). I loved the way she stood up to Madam Vastra was just brilliant. 
In a way, she did fall in love with the Doctor (Smith) but not in the mushy gushy love kind of way but more in the he helped her live again kind of way and that's the most important kind of love. Clara's growth as a character was iconic and on point...

...which brings me to my next point - THE ENDING WAS FREAKING AMAZING AND TIED THE EPISODE TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!! 
The fact that the 11th Doctor called and the fact that they got to say goodbye it was just, I was a freaking miss my the end. I can't. My feelings are still fragile. I may need the rest of the week.

All in all, the premise of the episode wasn't the best for a first episode after a year. However, just like always, Moffat killed the ending in the utmost best way possible. Closure. That's saying something, considering he is Moffat.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


As a human, you believe in something - a deity, a book, a person, heck even a tv show - the fact is that you BELIEVE. You believe that whatever happens, happens because that particular thing makes it happen. You may believe in karma, you may believe in leprechauns. But, you want to know what I and 100,000 other people believe:

- We believe that humanity isn't a choice, isn't a law. It's not something YOU can decide. It's something that is prewritten in our nerves, our blood, our mind. The fact that humanity has to be microscope-d in Gaza is pathetic for the human race; we might as well have the Hollywood aliens come and disintegrate us.
- We believe that the life of a human doesn't end in this World. This World is just a stopover to our whole lives in either heaven or hell - but that doesn't mean that living on Earth should be a comparison to Hell.
- We believe that children deserve to play, learn and grow. Not cry, bleed and die.
- We believe that God is All-Seeing and All-Knowing. Enough said.
-We believe that human rights are not just for the West. They were written in ink, typed out with anticipation, spoken with courage; for everyone!

This world amounts to nothing in the end, but no one should have to see their child, their mother, father, sister, brother, friend, husband, wife - lying on the floor, covered in blood, waiting for their Lord to save them form this merciless world.

I am in tears writing this, and my heart is in absolute pain. But as a Muslim, I am jealous that the people of Gaza wake up to this world and by then end of the day they are with our Lord. Sub'hanAllah!

Ya'Allah, whoever is helping, making an effort or praying for the people of Gaza, make their efforts blessed and please shine some light on those who are still in the dark. Aameen.


This is a different sort of post, but it's something I believe in and something I will fight for. This is my opinion and I am, in no way whatsoever, forcing anyone to believe in the same. To each their own.