Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I like to read blogs.

Instead of reading a book I have been addicted to reading blogs through bloglovin. It's super easy to find my favourite blogs and see if anything new is up instead of the whole Googleing process. Soooooo if you would like to - follow me on bloglovin! It'll make my day (: 

List of Stuff My Mind Says I Need aka A Wishlist # 1

There are three stages that occur during shopping for me.

Stage One: "Look at things and adore from a far" (aka I have no money)

Stage Two: "Think about that thing (s) throughout the entire shopping trip or day or week and regret not buying it with Mum's money."

Stage Three: "Go back to the store probably a month later and find out that that item was sold out."

Now my list isn't very long and consists of items I have drooled for months now. So without further ado here is my " List of Stuff My Mind Says I Need". 

1. Oh my Amy Pond! This collection from TBS smells like heaven. I'm pretty diverse in my scents and I love peaches. So when I smelt the line from TBS a couple of months back I knew I had to get it but I still haven't but have made it a priority to smell like peaches very soon!

2. You can read about my love for Sophie Kinsella here but unfortunately during the years I had given the books to other people to borrow but either got it back in a state of shock ( as in all torn and ripped) or never got it back at all! Because of that I now never give my books to anybody and I am the type of person that cringes if my pages get dog-ears. 

3. This three pack necklace set from Accessorize has a plane and a globe so it was instant love. 

So that's it for now mainly because I'm super sleepy but do be out on the lookout for more "List of Stuff My Mind Says I Need".

25 Random Facts About Me!

1.    I got a job. I should write a book – “The art of being a teacher and a student at the same time (if you don’t die by the end of the year WOOP)” By Kulsoom Hussain.
2.    I learned how to braid – I’m a slow learner when it comes to the beauty\domestical side of life.
3.    I made a resolution to save up for the next seven months and get myself an iPhone 5 (let’s just hope I’m not jinxing myself)
4.     I have social anxiety to the point where my mum threatens to not pay the internet bill then I have to leave and then it's like
5.    I am the worst friend ever. I don’t know how to keep up with texting and all that social magical-ness. I can’t keep people and have a tendency to push people away so don’t take it personally. But if I love your face and your extra special you’ll get my attention every second of the day.
6.    I would love to travel the world on a whim.
7.    I plan to get married before I turn 20 and no I don’t live in a village with illiterate parents, I just have a strong belief in marriage and all the amazing things it brings.
8.    I have purple hair. Well not legit purple hair but a deep burgundy hue.
9.    The current ringtone for my phone is “I am the Doctor”.
10. My first ever celebrity crush was Colt from Three Ninjas Kick Back.
11. I deactivated my Facebook account three summers ago and never activated it till this day.
12. My conscious may be the death of me.
13. I’ve lost contact with all of my childhood friends (I’m such a sad story, sigh)
14. I am a self proclaimed British.
15. I shall major in Literature when I get into University.
16. The university that I yearn to go to is King’s College London. Like I really want to go.
17. When I was around 11 I had written in my dairy that I loved Orlando Bloom and my elder brother had read it and used it against me to get a Happy Meal from my pocket money.
18. I know that the Doctor is real.
19. The human mind and its capacity of imagination boggles’ me.
20. Recently I discovered that I have a deep love for the Fantasy\ Sci Fi genre.
21. San Diego’s Comic Con is on my bucket list.
22. My mother has zero faith in my domestic skills (so do I)
23. If you call me I will sound like someone has punched me in my stomach, over and over again. So don’t call me.
24. In the next five – seven years I hope to have published my novel.
25. If Mia from Princess Diaries and Sheldon from TBBT had a child, I would be that child.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Bad Case of Wanderlust...

Do you ever have a need to just get away from life? Start anew, find different people, and discover fresh things? I do. All. The. Time. I have a bad case of wanderlust and it’s gotten to the point that I now feel depressed and frustrated. I like change and didn’t know that until recently. And by change I mean a change of environment - I have OCD (yes for real) so I always stick to my daily schedule.

Nowadays everything has been getting to me. The people around, the place I live and the things happening around me. Trust me when I say a monotonous life is a gateway to suicide. I have had the same daily routine for a year now and its killing me from the inside but it doesn’t seem to affect anyone else.
The world holds a thousand secrets but only shares them with those who wonder and every corner of the world has a million secrets to uncover but only those brave enough to soar can discover those hidden temptations.

Spending money is novelty happiness – as in it won’t last long. I guess that’s why I don’t enjoy shopping anymore (boring am I not?) I want the kind of happiness that lasts forever and that comes through memories of good times with people you love, places you adore and things you love to do. Right now the only memories I seem to be collecting are those filled with animosity and regret. Somehow I feel calm and this warm feeling of excitement and hope spreads within me when I think about travelling to new places.

 I’m not talking about wanting to fall in love in Paris and all those clichés, no, I’m talking about that feeling you use to get when you were a kid – that feeling when you knew that something amazing was about to happen and your stomach would churn in excitement and the adrenalin of hope steers your emotions; that feeling that everyone seems to lose when the big grey cloud of reality pours over you’re sunshine.  

“If only’s” seem to swarm my mind nowadays. If only my parents never moved us here. If only I could take off. If only if only if only.

Honestly, do you ever just wonder what could be if we weren’t so scared of the consequences? 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Skincare Routine (as of right now)

 I love watching and reading the different types of skincare routine people have and I have to admit that I don’t exactly follow my routine religiously but I try my hardest. Personally, I don’t have oily skin or acne prone skin but I do have sensitive to normal skin so I tend to use products that are affiliated with dermatologists, just to be on the safe side – plus my Mum doesn’t agree with the “cocktail skincare products” concoction.

Top left corner – Neutrogena Deep Clean Makeup Remover; top right corner – Clearasil Daily Gel Wash; bottom left corner – Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamins & Extracts Wash and Mask; bottom right corner – Essence My Skin Moisturizing Crème Gel.  

Step One : Take off all the makeup and face gunk. For me, this is the most annoying step. I hate the stinging eyes and the cotton buds which seem to pull apart when moist.

But however much you detest something, that pretty much means it’s good for you. Taking off you’re makeup is necessary and Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Makeup Remover does just that. It’s perfect for those days (or nights) when you don’t want to waste any more energy on removing makeup. Just pour this baby into a cotton ball or pad and wipe your face clean. This product can even take off waterproof eyeliner or mascara, but it stings a lot, so be sure that you don’t rub your eyes if it slips inside your eyeball, just wait it off.

Awesomesauce Tip (: Put the cotton ball or pad on your eye and keep it there for a couple of seconds then slide it off. It’ll take off all your makeup in a jiffy.

Step Two: Now you don’t have to use a face wash if you don’t want to but I like to use it just in case there’s something left. Face wash in whichever texture, be it gel or normal face wash, cleans out your pores and all the icky dirt that lands on our face throughout the day. If you live in a humid area or are prone to acne, face washes are a must!
     Clearasil Daily Clear’s Daily Gel Wash does just the job. Can I just say how amazing the bottle is? I love pumps just because they don’t create a mess and don’t waste the product.

Awesomesauce Tip (: When buying a face wash makes sure it’s pH balanced – that just means that there’s water added which is great for our skin.

Step Three: This is optional and should not be done daily. Face masks give your skin a little extra TLC, though they should not be applied daily because    your skin can break out.
     Clearasil Daily Clear’s Vitamins & Extracts Wash and Mask doesn’t just moisturize your skin but leaves it smelling like a fruity cocktail. Yum. It has avocado and pomegranate in it which obviously makes it smell so good but also has a hint of mint which you can feel when applied. Leave it on for 3 minutes then rinse it off for amazingly smooth skin.

Step Four: Moisturize. The importance of this step cannot be stressed enough. After cleaning your face you have to seal all of your skin’s goodness and moisturizing does that.
    Essence My Skin’s Moisturizing Crème Gel is super light and perfect for the heat. Greasy, oily looking skin is not attractive so again, if you live in a humid area opt for something lighter.

You’re skin needs a lot of TLC so test products before buying them. Use the back of your hand and wait a while. If your skin becomes red or feels itchy don’t buy that product. Fancy and pretty packaging may be eye candy but remember that not all products are for your skin so be cautious when buying and testing new products. Spending money on your skin is an investment in a way, so don’t worry if you’re spending a lot – your skin matters.

Getting that baby butt soft skin does take effort and time but it’s all worth it when you have skin that you’re confident in. If you have acne prone skin then keeping your face clean is necessary.  

So that's it. My skincare routine with a few tips and tricks. Hope you enjoyed reading this! 

Till next time,
Kulsoom x 


Monday, July 1, 2013

Jeepers. It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged but I have been super busy (in a way). My AS Level examinations have concluded and there are now 44 days till the result. Paranoia has upped its level in me that’s for sure. But seeing as though it is the 1st of July, I think my favorite things of June are in order. And I realize that my ‘monthly favorites’ aren’t exactly always in order but I’m trying my best (: So let’s begin, shall we?


So last month I was busy in a fiction writing course from OpenLetters and may I just say how amazing it was! Back to the book, I wasn’t able to read much but I was able to add more books to my “Books I Need to Get” list. The book that I did read though was The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Yes, I read this book purely on the basis of the hype on Tumblr.

I thought the premise of the book was smart and thought provoking. Emotions may rise and the best thing is that it’s not the typical love story. The book being so unconventional and daring crossed borders of the cliché type of love everyone seems to find tempting. All in all, the book brought forward three dimensional characters such as Hazel and Gus through using those simply complicated thoughts that arise in our minds and bringing them out in ink. Green created a world of imperfections and some way or another; the reader can always connect to the characters or simply the plot itself.


During the month of June I came across two TV shows that have added a new level of nerdy-ness and fangirling-ness in my life. A disclaimer before hand: if you do choose to watch these TV shows, be warned – they WILL take over your life. I didn’t choose the fandom life, the fandom life grabbed me by my hand and whispered, “run!” If you got the reference in that, then the fandom life had ruined you – congrats! Yes, I’m talking about Doctor Who and Sherlock. ASDFGHJKL. My love for these TV shows in from Pluto to Earth (and there is no Pluto anymore, so its’ the infinite kinda love) If I wasn’t enough of a self proclaimed British, these TV shows brought it to a whole new level. I don’t think I’ll be able to successfully convey my love for these TV shows in words but let’s just say, October (in which my 18th birthday takes place) is of minor importance in comparison to November.


Long car rides back and forth in Karachi traffic is killer but a good playlist always helps.
Pink’s new song Just Give Me a Reason is on constant replay. The lyrics take the song to a whole new level. Other than that I’ve been pretty much obsessing over The Script and One Direction. You can head over to my online playlist to listen to more of my favorites.

Bright lips is all anyone wears but in particular what Zoe wears and Zoe being my beauty icon, well, I tend to lean towards what she likes. Living in oh so amazing Pakistan, the prices of drugstore makeup brands are through the roof but on some miraculous day I found the perfect lippy colour in the perfect price range.

The colour itself is a mix between a cherry red and plum purple. You can tone it down or amp it up with the amount of times you put it on. I love the intensified look so I amp it up. Berry lips and a simple winged eyeliner is my go to look for, well, every day.

That’s all for now,
Till the next time
hrhkulsoomhussain x

PS Oh and I’ve been addicted to Candy Crush. So very, very addicted. 

"That Miraculous Moment" - a short story.

“That Miraculous Moment”
Written by Kulsoom Hussain

A short story.

The newborn baby’s cries woke up the dazed middle aged man from his sleep. As his feet touched the cold floor, the crying become louder, and with a sigh he pushed the door open and somehow, with force, brought a smile to his 3 am face. The late night baby feeds were more rewarding than those hangovers he was troubled with just five years ago. Carefully, remembering the words of the nurses, he held the baby close to his chest and sat on the rocking chair. Back and forth, back and forth the chair moved – and so did his memories of the last five years.

It all started five years ago. His eyes would have caught the attention of any person on Earth. The green in his eyes changed between hues of grey and brown. His eyes - that’s all a women needed to see, to love the man who blinked those beautiful features.  But I didn't love the man with those beautiful eyes, no, I fell in love with him and everything he had, everything he was and everything he was going to be.  The way he moved, the way he thought, the way he smiled and laughed and the way he looked at me when I was walking down the aisle.  That was the moment I realized that I needed him in my life and that my life would never be the same without him. But I never thought that he needed me the way I needed him or that his life would change if I were never there, I just never thought about it that way.  That was my mistake.

She walked with flair but didn't know it. She had a way of getting people’s attention, but not because of her chasmal beauty, but because of her personality. Her elegant manners resembled somewhat of a Victorian woman, with the grace and sophistication she beheld. She was quiet and many assumed she was shy but that was a disguise for her logical mind. She was more than what met the eye and I knew that she would be perfect. Her childhood wasn’t anything special and she never thought of herself to be special either but the people around her thought otherwise. Building walls around her and pushing people away was her defense mechanisms, something she used as her strength rather than weakness. However when she would love, she would do so like a child who loves their mother and when she cared, she would do so like a mother would care for her child and that’s what he needed. He needed to be loved and taken care of. 

“She left me alone, okay! I’ve told you that she left me and she didn’t have a choice. I know that but she could have stayed you know…she could have stayed with me and we could have gone together. It’s – it’s just not fair” his voice cracked into hiccups and tears began to surface his green eyes.  The green eyes that once mirrored happiness and contentment were now shadowed with pain and regret.  “It’s been three years. Three years since she left you and you know that you have to move on. And I’m not in any way, telling you to move on to someone else but you have to place you’re trust to someone else now. It’s time to move on.” He looked up with disgust in his eyes. “Move on? How can you tell me to move on from the one thing that kept me alive and happy? The one person who understood me and loved me! I can’t do it and you know what? I just might never be able to ‘move on’”.  His heavy voice echoed through the plain white room. He got up and threw his coat around his once toned arms and fled the scene. He needed to be alone. He needed her.  He ran across the street, which was jam-packed with yellow taxicabs, hailed for one, and asked for it to take him to the one place that he knew he would feel okay.

Fresh flowers accompanied by tears and regretful memories were the usual ciphers of a graveyard. At least that’s what she understood. After four years of coming to the same grave to ‘mourn’ the death of her loved one, she began to learn the different ways of grieving from observing diverse people. Once she saw a catholic funeral take place and she quietly stood behind a grave that had a large angel on its head.  She saw the way they buried the dead and the words they spoke. Everyone was so calm and not a single tear fell from the eyes of the spectators. ‘Was this a funereal or a gathering of family and friends and free food?’ she thought to herself ‘. ‘It was the latter’, she decided. One thing that was common for all funerals were the people.  Family and friends gathered to bid their last farewell to the dead and it made her laugh sometimes. All those people only ever met for weddings or funerals but what about the things in between? No one ever asked and even met up after their last goodbyes. Graveyards brought nostalgia and people often tucked away the good memories whilst entering this place that reeked of death, regret and pain assuming that they would be ripped away with all their happiness but for her, this very place made her reminisce the good memories, the times when she felt genuinely joyful about life.

He saw her perched on the steps that led down to the dried up pond that the graveyard had installed months back. The summer heat absorbed all the water like the heavens reaped the souls of the people in the graves. Her brown hair was tied back into a ponytail and her crème coloured coat was stained with the dirt from the steps. She didn't seem scared of the fact that she was in the middle of graveyard; in fact she seemed pretty relaxed. Perplexed, he moved forward to the grave, he had come for and put down the bouquet of assorted flowers and stood there, in silence, those memories flashing like one of those old fashioned projectors.  He remembered their first date and when she had told him that she liked different types of flowers rather than a bunch of the same coloured and same scented flowers – and that’s how she always was. She didn't’ like to have the same things twice unless she absolutely loved it and it made him feel grateful that she chose him to be the one man in her life. Suddenly, a light, airy voice brought him back to his stark reality. “Family or friend?” she asked. “Uh? I mean, sorry, um, family – wife actually”. ‘Damn, too much information’ he thought. “I am so sorry. I hope she finds peace” her voice fell into a whisper. That was the first time anybody said anything about her rather then him. His green eyes lit up after a long time and he gazed into her hazel brown eyes. There was something about her that made him feel calm. “Yeah thanks” he smiled and asked who she came for. “My friend, well um, fiance  she said. “I hope he finds peace”. She smiled and looked into his green eyes that had a hue of grey in them. She felt somewhat comfortable with this complete stranger and she felt the walls she had built begin to tumble down and in a way, in a peculiar way; she was all right with it.

The strong aroma of coffee filled the room and hustle and bustle of people ricochet the huge coffee shop that had just opened. The two acquaintances made their way through the 5 o’clock rush, fortunately finding a table by the window. She took off her now stained crème coat and wrapped it around the chair. A waiter approached and handed them a sleek new menu and waited by their sides for their orders. “An ice tea” they said in unison. A brief moment of amusement filled the awkward meeting. “How long were you married for?” The abruptness of the question seemed to tighten his facial expression. She noticed and diligently tried to change the subject but before she could he answered. “Seventeen years”, nothing less, nothing more. “Wow” was all she could muster up. “How about you? How long were you engaged for?” “Two years” her voice trailed off into the memories that were pleading to be spoken, but she closed her mouth before another word slipped out.
The wall clock mounted on the counter of the coffee shop ticked away and the two friends reminisced their lives with smiles, laughter and tears. “She was different, that was the first thing I noticed about her and the thing that made me fall in love with her”. That was all he needed to say to establish that he still missed her and he always would – but that was the thing about love, you can’t just stop loving someone because they’re not in front of your eyes anymore, the memories will always be alive. She placed her hands over his for the mere fact that he wouldn't feel alone and he didn't withdraw. Their eyes met and in that moment, they both shared a similar thought – miracles can happen anywhere.

The signature red double decker buses drove the streets of London giving the bleak, grey ambiance a burst of colour. He tightly grasped her hand in panic that he would lose her. She acknowledged his fear and clutched his hand tighter. Her brown hair flowed behind her and she waved her hand to hail a taxicab. The diamond in her forth finger of her left hand flexed the sun’s light as she got in to the taxicab followed by the man she was in love with.

I stood back and glanced at those two completely different people. In their journey of pain and loss they grew and learnt that to love again isn’t a crime but rather a miracle. It took them time, but now I can go peacefully and with contentment, to the heavens that are calling me and the stars that await my presence, with serenity in my heart, mind and spirit, that the man I loved for seventeen years is now in the hands of a beautiful women that will love him and take care of him like I would have. 

If you enjoyed reading this story or have any feedback, please let me know down below in the comments section. Much appreciated, Kulsoom x