Wednesday, April 16, 2014

So, the story goes a bit like this...

No I didn't forget about the blog - life has just been well, life. Basically it's been a little of this
and a lot more of this...

...and welcome existential life crisis again.

Long story short - people are shitty and my job was shitty so I'm leaving the job and people because I don't appreciate shitty-ness in my life. 
I am devastated if not the least, for leaving all the wonderful and beautiful girls I taught but the crap got a bit too much for my brain to handle. I mean they weRE TRYING TO CHANGE ME AS A PERSON - WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO CHANGE A UNICORN!!!!!!!

*cue my sad life story here (read pass this if you want to)

Once upon a time - actaully a month ago... my work place started to became a minefield. Everything and anything I was saying or doing started to create problems. Even wearing makeup was against the rules - what, right?! So bascally, I'm just there, checking stuff everyday like:
I like to think I'm an easy going teacher. I love all my students and smile at them, tell jokes and all that shiz - but apparently that's all wrong. 
So now I'm the "bad teacher teaching all the bad things because I'm bad" and honestly, I'm the person that screams internally when I eat a Happy Meal.

There is a hell lot of the story but whateves, right?

Basically, considering I'll have a hell of a lot more time in my hands, I'll be able to what I love to do:

Honestly, I'm still in the "what the fudgeballs is going on" phase...or is that just life? 

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