Sunday, April 27, 2014

Think of it as an adventure

There comes a time in everyone's life when they have to close the chapter that they're currently on and move forward to the next chapter. Moving forward to tough, physically, mentally and emotionally. And personally, those people that are constantly happy get on my nerves.

Recently, I found out something that is gong to change my life, for the better, hopefully. 
I've been living in Pakistan for the past eight years and it has been - in one word- difficult. Adjusting to a completely different situation was an insane experience but I learnt a fathomable amount of things along the way. 
Start.I found out that I'm moving back to Australia. I don't know what will happen there, or how it'll happen but I have this intense feeling that it's all going to be okay. 
I'll be living with my Dad until my Mum and younger brothers fly in at the end of the year but I'll be leaving in June. It's going to be tough to leave my Mum and baby brothers but you gotta do what you gotta do. I'm excited but at the same time, lurching with anxiety. 
In depth of anxiety or whatever this constant feeling is, I wrote a couple of things, promises to myself if you will, but nevertheless:

  1. I feel a lot like Bilbo Baggins. He had an unexpected journey and so am I. I have been begging to go back since we first got here and now that I am I feel like a Hobbit. Confused, lost and hungry. But this is part of the adventure, part of the ride. So I'm going to embrace this change and make the most of it. 
  2. I started to become a drone living here. I forgot how to live, be happy and enjoyt the little things. I'm now going to try to live - at least a little. Volunteer, learn new things, hang out with family members who live there. I'm going to try to go a bit higher in this hole that I've been in, that I live in. 
  3. I'm going to be studying there, so this time I am not going to let my marks / grades define me as a person. 
  4. Seeing as though my Mum will be here, I'm going to have to do the cooking, cleaning, shopping - all that shit. But I'm going to do them so well, that no one will know what hit them.
  5. I've been quiet for a majority of my life. I've let people rule me but not now. Now I'm my own Queen. I shall stop letting people tell me what to do. I will stop being quiet and let people stamp on me and put words in my mouth.    
I honestly don't even know what's going to happen, but I hope and pray with all my heart that this new adventure is better than the last. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

MOVIE | Warm Bodies (2013)

Okay, funny story - I went to the bookshop a long while book thinking of buying the book but I couldn't remember the name so I got Beautiful Creatures instead, and while I was reading my reaction was - what this isn't funny? Why isn't it funny? It's meant to be funny? Then I Googled it and embarrassed myself in front of myself. Yep. My mother is so proud of me. 

Whaaaaaaat is it about?
A zombie and a human girl, there's love (duh) and action and the perfect amount of wittyness, irony and sarcasm.
Okay so basically, the zombie apocalypse happened, everyone but a few were bitten and became zombies one of them being R (Nicholas Hoult aka J Law's boyfriend). He's a different kind of zombie, he thinks and can talk, slightly, grunts a lot and has an airplane filled with things his collected. Anyway, the human girl, Julie (Teresa Palmer) meets R and his fascinated by her, mostly because he ate her dead boyfriend's brain, and takes her back to the airplane and they hang out and she's like "what they hell are you" and he's like "I don't know". Long story short, they like each other, get separated (more like she couldn't handle the zombie drama) and then he start's to miss her, giving him and all the zombies feels again, then they reunite and the world is an okay place again. 

Waaaaas it any good?
Just go and watch it, your doing yourself a favour. 

What was the last movie/ good movie you've watched?

Let's wind down with a cup of tea & random thoughts #2

Time for more random ramblings, let's go!

1. I am unemployed once again, well technically not as of right now but I've given my two weeks notice. If my students are reading this, know now, this is not your fault, the school and I never really got along - we've had our fair share of difference and I decided that the school has zero right to change me as it as zero right to change you. 
      That was my third  forth resignation letter in three years. Talk about commitment issues.

2. Now that I'm "free", I shall have more time to blog. I really want to dedicate as much as possible into the blog. Better photography, better content, just better

3. I have an awesome tumblr account. You should check it out sometime, you know, like if you want to. 

4. Instagram. Ugh Instagram. If you can't tell already I am not a social person, I mean AT ALL. But once upon a time, I had an Instragram, but my "smartphone" went to phone heaven, and now I have a 90's phone, hence eliminating Instagram for good. But I have a choice to get it back and start up my account again, should I? Instagram is such a vain place. I'm on the fence about this one - and probalby about everything else in life. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

So, the story goes a bit like this...

No I didn't forget about the blog - life has just been well, life. Basically it's been a little of this
and a lot more of this...

...and welcome existential life crisis again.

Long story short - people are shitty and my job was shitty so I'm leaving the job and people because I don't appreciate shitty-ness in my life. 
I am devastated if not the least, for leaving all the wonderful and beautiful girls I taught but the crap got a bit too much for my brain to handle. I mean they weRE TRYING TO CHANGE ME AS A PERSON - WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO CHANGE A UNICORN!!!!!!!

*cue my sad life story here (read pass this if you want to)

Once upon a time - actaully a month ago... my work place started to became a minefield. Everything and anything I was saying or doing started to create problems. Even wearing makeup was against the rules - what, right?! So bascally, I'm just there, checking stuff everyday like:
I like to think I'm an easy going teacher. I love all my students and smile at them, tell jokes and all that shiz - but apparently that's all wrong. 
So now I'm the "bad teacher teaching all the bad things because I'm bad" and honestly, I'm the person that screams internally when I eat a Happy Meal.

There is a hell lot of the story but whateves, right?

Basically, considering I'll have a hell of a lot more time in my hands, I'll be able to what I love to do:

Honestly, I'm still in the "what the fudgeballs is going on" phase...or is that just life?