Monday, February 17, 2014

BOOK | Divergent by Veronica Roth

So basically Divergent was on my "books have I to read because of tumblr" list and I finally got my hands on it on Saturday, started on Sunday and ended it on Monday afternoon. Truth be told, I was like this the entire time (gifs to follow):

1. The initial reaction of awe and adoration for Tris and her choice. 

2. When Four starts looking out for her, I was like

3. When the fighting began

4. Then the book ended. It finished.

What the book was about?
The book is reminiscent of The Hunger Games but the plot if a wee bit 'softer' in many ways. It's not about killing children and the characters are much more relate-able. I wasn't scared about turning the page (which happened a lot during The Hunger Games) and I loved the three dimensional characters - everyone had a backstory.
The main point that attracted me instantly was the choice one had to make: stay with your family and live a life that wasn't yours or break away from them and live a life worth living? Roth nailed it when it came to the two main characters: Tris and Four. There are so many secrets that open up till the last page and I cannot wait for Insurgent to arrive at my door. 

So what did I think about...

The plot? More than kinda followed the premise of HG but it held up better during the action and romantic bits.

The characters? Perfect. Their weaknesses made them more relate.

The ending? As soon as I put down the book, I ordered the second instalment. 'Nuff said. 

A re-read? Hell yes.

Oh and the fact that the movie is coming out next month is BEYOND MY BRAIN'S UNDERSTANDING!!!!  

P.S. My book preference fluctuates like Katy Perry's hair color or better yet, Taylor Swift's boyfriends. 

Have you read the Divergent series yet? What did you think? 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Let's wind down with a cup of tea and random thoughts

I was going through the blog and noticed a bit too many beauty related posts, which I have zero problem with, by I don't want to pigeon-hole the blog at all. So I thought why not go ahead and make a random post with random thoughts.

1. Wasn't 2013 a weird year? It came and went so fast, it didn't seem like it happened at all. In December, I decided that I was going to try to make 2014 a bit better. There were perks for 2014 even before it started, like, college would end - finally. It's been such a drag, I would earn money and that Doctor Who and Sherlock were coming back. But that didn't seem "inspiring" so I decided, in my mind, that I would try to do / get two things (even if it took the whole year): travel to Australia for a couple of weeks and get a new phone. Hopefully, I get both done!

2. Working in an environment where old people rule it suffocating at the most. I'm the youngest teacher and I teach 98 girls ranging from ages 11-15 (all hormonal) and let me tell you this much - everyday is a hurdle. I honestly, to this moment, cannot believe the amount of shit that goes on within one school. It's terrifying. And the only thing keeping me there is Mr. John Keating. I realized that those girls need a person to listen and understand them and be friendly to them and I try every day to be all those things - and it's working! They're grades have improved and they like my History lectures and Geography classes and I love teaching them. It just goes to show that being nice does have a reward, somewhere. 

3. I've been having really bad panic attacks every week. They're scary and I don't really know how to stop them but I know why they happen. Exams and work and no social life end up in one big bang and it's a scary place to be when it does. Anxiety is horrible and overthinking is worse.

4. I'm thinking about doing a giveaway, perhaps in the next couple of months? Let me know if I should and what I should "giveaway" down below. 

That's about it for this random post. If you reached the end, thank you for reading and I like your face (: 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Things that were adored in the month of January (and a bit of February!)

Favourites time! Though I am extremely late I thought why not join January and "at the moment" favourites together?  

Beauty: I don't know about you, but when I go to work I like to have a fresh face that not only wakes me up but gives me that wee little amount of confidence. In January and continuing this month I have been adoring Maybelline's Rocket Volume in Blackest Black - um, amazing eyelashes anyone? This stuff is "da bomb", sufficed to say. It hardly clumps and gives the longest, thickest and blackest eyelashes ever. Love. MUA's PowerPout in "Crazy in Love" has been my only go-to lip product of the months. Holy Moly, this is my holy grail lip product - super moisterizing, beautiful color, minty scent and a fun crayon design. In the wise words of Sheldon Cooper: Bazinga! Milani's Baked Blush in "Luminoso" has also made it's way to my everyday work face regime. You can read my full review here. Maybelline's Baby Lips in "Cherry Me" has been my lipbalm of choice and why shouldn't it? Super mositerizing and a tint of color, it's worth spending a few pennies for. And lastly a make up brush I found in a drugstore, no name but an amazing find. It's an angled, flat top brush which picks up a hell lot of product and blends really well. Yay.

Hair: My hair was a bit boring and lousy for a while, mainly because I have stopped using so mnay hair products, I thought my hair needed a well-deserved breather. But then it got dry and I wasn't loving it, so I decided to pick up the Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Smooth & Shine Serum (sheesh what a mouthful) and boy, am I loving it. For starters, it smells heavenly and to top it off it works like a dream. 

Reads: I haven't been able to actually sit and read in a while, call it procrastination or just life, but reading a book becomes one of the hardest task to accomplish once you start working, as soon as my head meets my pillow I just cannot stay awake to read for the life of me. I'm a terrible person. But, nevertheless, I have been on the pursuit to finish The Hobbit. I'm halfway through and can I just say - Thorin I want to hug you. The movies are spectacular. I have now joined the LOTR fandom - I should probably add that to my resume, right?

TV Shows: I have to thank my brother for this one. I'm hooked so bad I can't help it. TV shows are a plague but the best plague ever. For the past two weeks I have been in love (and I mean in love) with Suits

My genre in TV shows is all over the place. For crying out loud I watch a Time Lord travelling the ends of the universe in a blue police box and a super hot socio path detective - what I mean to say, I have a pure love for TV shows. 
Suits is just one of those shows that reels you in every second. And the fact that it has Gabriel Macht who play's a serious yet adorable bigshot, badass lawyer may be the sole reason I love it. Kinda. This show has it all. Drama, romance and hot men.  Yes freaking please. Go on watch it, I dare you! (PS. #harveyandscotty EEP!)

Music: One Direction's Midnight Memories blew me away. They sound much more mature and the lyrics aren't all bubblegum pop, which is great. I've also be listening to Bastille - love Pompeii. Other than that Ed's I See Fire has been on repeat every single day. 
You can listen to all of these songs and other's here

What shows have you been loving lately? Let me know!  

Thursday, February 6, 2014

To Be Or Not To Be? Milani Baked Blush in "Luminoso" | Review

Displaying photo.JPG
Essie Button made me do it. That's all I have to say. Okay, so maybe I was guilty for actually buying it but who wouldn't? 

This blush works for all skin types and blush preferences. It's perfect for a au natural look or for a more bronze beauty kinda look. Either way, this peachy pink yet subtle blush gives a healthy glow that perfect for everyday! 

Things I Love:
 The name! Harry Potter anyone?! Instant love. I mean the blush is pretty cool, but the name is way cooler (;
 The marble effect! It's easier to swipe the brush and get the golden and peachy color without overdoing it.
 The blush is perfect as it doesn't give a "trashy-way too much blush-kinda look" but a more "oh look I have naturally glowy cheeks" kinda look. Awesome.

Things I Didn't Love:

-  The packing! It's way too small and looks cheap and breakable.

In the words of Shakespeare - To be or not to be, that is the question! Well, for me it's definitely to be!

What blush have been loving lately? Let me know down below!