Friday, March 16, 2012

The Little Things in Life


Ever have the feeling where nothing feels right - it's just hopeless, when you feel like you've given it your all but nothings changing, as though there's a war inside you and you don't know which side your on? Defeated, hopeless, depressed, just plain sad. But, in the end it's your own personal choice. Either you can be miserable or you can be happy. But then again you can't go smiling around and look like a loon, there are some quick pick me ups that can get you in a good mood!

1. Remember: Enjoy the little things in life for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. For instance, if you have a chance to go sky diving - live it up or a little more rational, a chance go to the movies with a friend, go, you'll make memories together and share future laughs, even if you had a good dream, and wake up with a smile, it's a miracle! Make every second count and love each passing minute because every hour that passes makes a day and every day that passes makes up your life, so don't have regrets and just remember to inspire, dream and have a little faith.  

2. Treat yourself to a coffee during the day. A ice cold latte or hot mocha can be the best pick me up there is.

3. Give yourself a mini mani during the day. When your on the way to work etc and there's a red light, pump out some hand cream and give your hands a massage, you deserve it!

4. If your a girl, paint your nails a bright color, instant happiness on your nails.
5. Make quote cards. Buy some flash cards and jot down some of your favorite, motivational quotes that make you feel good, determined and happy and read them throughout the day. Have them by your side 24\7.

6. Have a dance party with yourself. Blast your favorite songs and go crazy. It takes guts to dance by yourself but believe me it's a great way to burn calories and to take the negativity out of your system.   

7. Make yourself dinner and light some candles, not only is that therapeutic but you'll have a healthy dinner!

8. Have 'date night' with yourself. Treat yourself to a movie, you don't have to go the the cinema, just grab your blanket, a DVD and your favorite snack and curl into your sofa. 

9. Breathe. Think of all the good and bad, weigh them and decide if you want to drench yourself in sorrow and regret or drench yourself in inspiration and determination for the new day.

10. Never ever compare reality to expectation. That's why we we're granted with the ability to dream. 

11. Inspire yourself. Read classics, go to a museum just indulge yourself in inspiration.  

12. Just smile and never, never, never give up. 


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