Monday, February 13, 2012

The Past. The Present. The Future.

‘The past was the past, the future is unknown so live in the present’.

The past. Mistakes, regrets – that defines the past the past. When we’re too ‘young’ to understand, when our experiences were ‘new’, when we were ‘innocent’. We tend to forget the past as if it were nothing. Thinking about it gives us regret and anger that leads us to think that we were wrong. But everything happens for a reason – learn from your mistakes. If we don’t have regrets how can we differentiate between right and wrong? As Mark Twain said: “Explore Dream, and Discover”.

Our future is always better because it’s our secret reality. A world we want, a world we need. ‘The beauty of our dreams begins with the dreamer’. Our future is unwritten, it depends on us whether we write it in pencil, pen or colour.

Present. Funny how the word has two meanings. Present as in a gift. For me my ‘present’ isn't really a box full of happiness. It’s a painting, abstract, black and white but with every passing day, every new discovery, colours paint themselves.

But what if a person lives in his future and the past taunts him?  The present would be insufferable. The power of the dreams and hopes would overtake one, thus making the present insipid. I know that tomorrow, no, today can be different if I had a chance to live life by my rules. My fate and destiny could be different if I could just have the chance to do what I need and be who I am.

I can’t take risks without feeling guilty
My present gives me the determination to make my future special
My laughs and smiles start of real but end abruptly to the bitterness of reality
I am not who I want to be
I am not who I can be
Being this person is suffocating; tiring
But the charade must go on
For people have faith in me that I don’t let them down
With each passing second, every dispirited hope, every broken heart, every bogus smile -I am letting my self down 
- kay. hussain

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