Monday, October 24, 2011

Just Because.

“Life isn't about finding your self; it’s about creating yourself.”

We spend all our lives travelling, studying, searching, and doing things that’ll eventually define us. Someone will become that person that who travelled the world but came back with nothing, someone else will be that person who studied everything only to come home to an empty apartment with seven cats. But, what we don’t realize is that during all that, we created our self.  We created our personality, our attitude, our flaws, our perfections. We created us.

As many bad things that happen to us, good things are bound to happen. “You don’t have to feel like a wasted space you’re original, cannot be replaced. If you only knew what the future holds, after a hurricane comes a rainbow” - Katy Perry. It’s up to us to either make those unfortunate events into a woeful memory or a changing point in our lives.

Someone close to me passed away a couple of days ago. Even though we were never ‘close’ close, her death made me think about how she spent her life. As many things she did lovingly she did a bunch of things ‘just because’. It made me wonder, am I living my life just because I can breathe? Every second is precious but it’s impossible to live in every second of everyday. Minutes, hours, days pass by before we realize what just happened. I don’t know what exactly I’m aiming at right now! Life is beautiful, but it’s the people and things in it, that make it gorgeous. The things around me make me suicidal (metaphorically!) and the people are irritable. Do I really want to make all these aspects a memory of my life? No. I want to explore, discover and learn different things about every culture and country. I want to dip my self in the history of every country. I want to indulge the inspiration which I hope to get a hold of.

“Woke up in London yesterday found my self in the city near Piccadilly, don’t know how I got here. I got some pictures on my phone, new names and numbers that I don’t know, I dress to places like Abby Road, day turns to night, night turns to whatever we want, we’re young enough to say; Oh! This has gotta be a good life, this is gonna be a good life, this could really be a good life! – Good Life, One Republic.

I’ve got my whole life in front of me and I don’t know whether I’ll live it all or just half, but as many seconds I have to my name, I want to, nay, I need to create myself, just because every one should get a chance to live, dream, hope, inspire and change the world.  

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