Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It’s funny how the walk of life can take you down without a fight, so many years can lay behind, regretfully until it’s time, to realize that moment, when you turn around – Shannon LaBrie (Call Me Home)

It’s funny how things turn out in a blink of an eye. Sometimes things turn out great, other times, not so much. Everyone tells me to hang in there and have faith that everything will fall in place eventually. As for me, I was stuck wondering where and what exactly should I be ‘hanging’ on to?
Sometimes it feels as though the world is against me and nothing is going right. And it hurts not to able to walk forward when the entire world is running.

I get lost in my sea of dreams and hopes and I don’t need a lifeguard to pull me out because I would happily drown in my dreams rather then swim in my reality. It leaves a scar to wake up and look around to see that nothing has changed and maybe never will while I’m here, but I don’t want my future to be like this. I want friends from London, Paris, LA, New York, Milan, Rome, New Zealand – from all over the world added on Facebook, Twitting me and reading my by then famous blog, hopefully.

Maybe my aim is too high and my arrow isn’t ready to hit the target? Or maybe I’m just not to introduce myself to the world. I want to leave a mark in the world signed by me. I want to change and inspire people with something priceless. I want to be a published freelance journalist. I want to go around the world in seventy days. I want to take a flask of coffee to work and sit in front of the TV watching Pretty Little Liars (yes, it will still be on until then, hopefully), eating take out in the evening. 

They say that the future’s not for you to hold or see. They say to leave it alone and whatever will happen, will happen for the best. They say not to fiddle with what is happening. But I’m not ‘them’, I’m me and I believe that a person can change their future through will, faith, hope and dreams.

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