Friday, February 1, 2013

The "How To" Inspiration Guru ♥ "How To" Study!

Disclaimer: This post will not turn you into a complete smart arse just by reading! Productivity may be needed! 

So being the new year and all I have decided to give ample time to my blog and begin new adventures (it's sounds exciting reading it but in reality, it's a cup of coffee and Ed Shereen -that's as adventurous as it really gets).

Woohoo! Exams in four months, I cannot wait - yes, the sarcasm is dripping word by word but being a try hard - may actually never be - positive person, I have come to the conclusion that it has to happen (and by IT, I mean exams, sheesh!) 

Now I don't actually go to school in a psychical sense, as in I'm home-schooled.  Where I live you can opt for homeschooling in both high school and college, so being the social unicorn that I am I chose homeschooling for both. To every one non home-schooled person, this may seem like 'da bomb' (do people still say that? They don't do they.....) but in reality it's hard. So if you're home-schooled like me, or go to school like every normal human being; I have some tips that may help you become what I like to call - "smart enough to pass your exams, impress your teacher and provide a day's worth of happiness to your parents". 

Step One: Know what you're studying.
Ha ha, how hilarious! But seriously, KNOW the subjects you have chosen beforehand. Being in college I had to chose three elective subjects, I read about the choices (with my parents breathing behind my shoulders  and chose the subjects which I knew something about. Now this may vary country to country but like any other thing we do, make sure you're comfortable with what you're studying and you know that if all else fails, you can bring at least a passing grade.

Step Two:  Personalize everything.
Have old magazines? Cut them up and stick them on the cover of your journals. I've done that and it's not only fun and you would actually want to write in them and keep them update and pretty looking. It's a form of addiction, my dear readers. 

Left; psychology, center; literature, right; sociology  

Step Three: Make a schedule\timetable. 
Now when you're Mum say's this, you're like, "Okay, fine - I will, promise" and it's never done. I've gone through every single argument with my Mum when I started doing school at home, it was like WWIII! But after a while, you realize that she was right. 
Head over to a stationary shop, Target or any online store you like and buy a planner and some colourful pens. I for one LOVE colour in everything, people may think I'm a kid and I know I am but giiirl, you're stationary is going to look damn fiiiine! 
Oopsies, it's upside down!
Typo - spin out diary in Pixie Floral $9.95
 Elect a different colour for each subject. For instance, I have pink for Psychology, orange for Sociology and green for Literature. Not only will this look tidy and awesome but it's gives you a sense of accomplishment, non? I will literally stare at this page for hours as if just by looking at it, it'll get the job done. 

Distribute a day for each subject otherwise, one subject may get left out which is sure to bite you in the ass later, trust me!

Decide when you want to study. If you know that you have a lot of work, give more time etc. The best way to do that (because I know how easy it is to procrastinate!) is to make blocks of time for each thing. Want to watch  a season of F.R.I.E.N.D.S (yes, I said season!), make time after you've done you're work. If you tend to concentrate more in the morning like me, wake up, study like hell till mid afternoon, then you're free!

Step Four: A clean table is a miracle!
 I swear, my table's span of taking clean is less then a minute but no fear as my OCD side kicks in a makes me clean till I tear up! 
A clean desk is a heaven  so try to keep things you'll need like your pencil case, you're iPod (for when you're Mum starts her daily dose of amazingness) and a cup of tea or coffee near by so distractions are close to none.   

The picture is a bit wonky but you get the idea, right?! I do hope so. 
Step Five: Let the magic begin!
If you go to school or an institution for extra classes - read ahead and write it all down. Not only will this make the teacher think you're smart but it'll help you so much in advance. Ask you're teacher for a copy of the core studies and get cracking.
When taking notes in class, or writing notes by yourself, colour code what you're writing e.g. blue for heading, red for the important stuff and so on. Not only will this make it pretty looking but visually it'll help you during you're revision time before exams. 
Step Six: Have fun while studying!
And no I don't mean by updating you're status or tweeting out to the world. I mean, if you find something funny while studying, like how much of a douche Claudio was to Hero or something that makes you cringe, yes you Freud, let it out because seriously that's about all the fun you may get.  

Step Seven: Stick with it!
If you have a study plan, stick to it. If you're having fun while studying, stick to it, if you just like studying, stick to it!

So, I hope that helped! If you want to add something write it down below, and if this did help, tell me how - I'd love to know, and if you ever feel demotivated, just read this again, hopefully it'll help!

Lots of love,
Kay x


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