Sunday, September 15, 2013

Carpe Diem right?

The Greeks say kalos kai agathos - a singular balance of the good and the beautiful. The Greeks knew what they were talking about. A singular balance of the good and the beautiful - finding the perfect balance, be it spiritual and wordily or any other type of balance. The thing is ; we need balance in our life but then again , it's easier said then done. I can spend a whole day watching a season of a TV show and not do any philanthropy or spiritual task and BOOM! There goes that innate balance I was hoping to seek. So I found the next best thing. Something easier and well, more probable then finding "balance" in a world where you have to be amazing at everything. And by everything I mean, the clothes you wear, the way you talk, walk, sit, stand, eat, drink and all that jazz. It can get tiring and sometimes you'll feel like the world has swallowed you whole and you're drowning, looking for redemption of some sort, when you realize that it really doesn't matter what people think. This may take years, you may realize it on your death bed or the moment someone rolls their eyes at you - but the point is you realized one of life's most common yet misconceived truths - you can be the talk of the day just by doing or saying something out of the norm. 

So the thing that I found out, in my seventeen grueling years of life, that in order to find balance in life, you have to find your anchor ; the one thing (or many) that brings you back to who you are, your purpose, why you say what you say, how you say it, the way you walk and talk, eat and drink, find that one thing that brings you back to shore when your drowning in the madness of the world. 

A source of security or stability.

Anchor's are usually used to hold a boat down and help it from floating away, similarly  the anchor of our life is a source of stability, it should help us from floating away when the tide gets rough. It should bring us back, be a source of reviving. 

 The anchor of my life, the thing that brings me back when I just can't go on, is my favorite TV show, song or book at that moment. Yes, as lame as that sounds and as worldly and materialistic as it defines me to be, those things are my anchor. The Doctor's helped me numerous times when I felt too small or unimportant, Stiles helped me when I felt like nobody understood my sarcasm,  Elizabeth Bennett helped me when I felt alien to the world. My anchor may be intangible and fictitious to outsiders but to me, it's my key to the alternative universe I created a long time ago. The universe in which I feel safe and happy. The universe that has been my anchor for so long but I only realized it when I wasn't busy trying to find a logical anchor that people would understand.

Find your anchor. Find the thing, person, day, memory that brings you back and hold on to it. People may laugh and point but that's the beauty of your anchor - it's your's. Because when you're all alone, in the night or walking to work, and all those thoughts come back to you, the ones you thought you had forgotten, the ones that haunt you and make you feel worthless, well they're nothing compared to the weight of your anchor and you'll swim back up to shore holding that heavy anchor - the anchor that isn't pulling you down but helping you swim back up to the sun rays. Truth is, either life can be sweet like an 80's movie or absolute crap, that's up to you. Be negative if you want to - you're allowed to have bad days, weeks, months or years, but when you realize how much potential you've got and how much magic is inside of you, hold your anchor to your heart, breathe in, and let life take you in. Carpe Diem right?

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