Friday, September 13, 2013

Things I love oh so much!

1. Teen Wolf 
Jumping onto a bandwagon once the bandwagon has left and gone really far is my "thang". The Teen Wolf bandwagon hadn't gone far off and I jumped once that thing like my life depended on it - and for five days it did. I stopped watching TVD during Season 4, it just want' good anymore and being a Stelena fan, I didn't see the point of being victim to another "friendzone" example. But OH MY GAWD Teen Wolf is like ASDFGHJKL and then some more! Let's put my Teen Wolf journey in gif using Jess

At first I was like:

Upon seeing Derek Hales:

Then it got to the point where I couldn't stop thinking about the show:

And then it was all:

Bam. I've been bitten and I do not mind at all. Plus Stiles is like THE BEST MALE CHARACTER EVER ON TV (I shall have to write an entire blog dedicated to him)

2. Mikky Ekko

He's sung with Rihanna, been featured on Teen Wolf and has found a way to my playlist. Currently, I haven't been able to stop listening to "Pull Me Down" & "We Must Be Killers". He's lyrics are beautiful and I think I've had enough of the bubblegum pop music genre for a while so Ekko has been a perfect substitute.

3. The First Time (2012)

Speaking of Dylan O'Brien (aka Stiles), he had played Dave in he's feature film "The First Time". The name of the movie kinda makes it seem like a mushy gushy romantic film, which in all honesty, it is but it isn't. It's realistic and the female lead vaguely reminds me of an Elizabeth Bennett type of character. The dialogues, cinematography, actors and story compliment each other and the soundtrack is perfect. *Sigh* uncontempary love stories make me giddy and oh so happy. 

*You can watch the movie here 

4. You little chicken nuggets! (: <3

When I started this blog, I wasn't all for the numbers. And it's not like I've hit big numbers or anything but the blog itself is about to hit 5000 views which is phenomenal! When I told my Mum she didn't believe me! So thank you, you amazing people, I cannot tell you how much ever single view means to me! xoxo

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