Thursday, September 5, 2013

Red lips are my kryptonite!


 Top: Color Studio Lipstick in "Eternal Love"; Middle: Catrice Ultimate Shine in "Pink Me Up!" Bottom: MUA Lipstick in "Shade 1"

Pink and nude lips were always my go to colors for lip glosses and lipsticks. But in the last couple of months dark, plumy, red lips are my kryptonite. I guess maybe because I've seen so many people wearing the darker shades that I jumped onto the bandwagon but boy! - do I love this bandwagon. 

I never thought that dark shades of any type of lip  product would look good on my but I love the way the colors bring out my hair plus I don't mind the compliments I get! Darker shades look good on any skin tone but you have to make sure to play around with the different shades and tone down the lip color itself after applying by dabbing your lips on tissue. 

My go - to lipstick has to be the MUA Lipstick in Shade 1. It glides on and it's longevity is amazing. It looks brown in the packaging but is a deep wine red that gives the perfect vampy lip that I absolutely adore! Catrice's Ultimate Shine is a berry red that is perfect for the fall (but honestly I don't use lip colors per the season) and Color Studio's Eternal Love was my first red lippy, so considering that it was way too bright. A bright poppy orange red, I don't lean towards this color that much anymore, not only because of the vivid pop of color but because the lipstick itself is super drying.  

What are you're favorite lip color's at the moment? Do you like red lips?

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