Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Crayons | Revlon Colourburst Lip Balms | Review

Okay, before you laugh at me, I know these are old but love doesn't have an expiry date. When I was in Australia (I came back to Pakistan, I dreaded it, about three weeks ago) I picked up the Revlon Matt Lip Balm in Unapologetic and  fell in love. In my old posts, I was raving about the MUA Power Pouts and how comparable they are to the Revlon ones and I wasn't disappointed, actually I was quite pleased, obviously, hence the blog post. 

Priceline had come out with a box set of five of the Revlon Cloudburst Lip Balms, two matt and the rest lacquer for $34.95, a hefty price but I couldn't not get so I did and I've been a happy panda since. They all the the iconic peppermint feel to them when applied and come in a crayon-like form. They are prone to melting to I would recommend that they're put in a cool area, they can't be paraded around, sigh.    

The box set came with:
Provocateur (Lacquer); a pigmented true red with iridescent glitter that doesn't show up on the lips;

Demure (Lacquer); a sheer nude peach pink with a gold frost finish but doesn't scrunch up on the lips and plays well as a "over a lipstick" colour; 

Whimsical (Lacquer); a pigmented lilac-y fig purple with iridescent glitter that again doesn't show up on the lips with extremity; 

Elusive (Matt); a muted brown-ish pink that would look good on all skin tones and wears and dries matt; 

Sultry (Matt); a brick red-ish brown that wears and dries matt.  

Like I said before, I had purchased Unapologetic beforehand, which is an absolutely beautiful bright pink that is wearable and wears and dries matt. Love. 
All in all, these babies are the perfect quick lip fix as far as being easy to apply, travel friendly, variety of colours and budget friendly as well. Personally, I adore the matt balms because they are hydrating enough but have the perfect matt finish, not drying on the lips at all. 

They are on point.

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