Friday, December 19, 2014

Shaadi Bells ♥ Updates of the Day till the Day!

Shaadi in Urdu and Hindi mean wedding and I found that seems to fit the title of this new series perfectly. Shaadi Bells - updates about the Big Day till the Big Day. There are only seventeen days left till I become someone's wife which is just as surreal as when the Eleventh Doctor regenerated. So here's the first "update" of what's going down. 

1. In Pakistan, there are two days to the wedding - the Baraat (which involves the bride to sign the wedding papers and leave her maiden home) and the Valima (a dinner hosted by the groom's side for the bride's family and his own) - which means I needed two glammed up dresses. Typically, the Baraat dress is red but as the unconventional person I am, I opted for a coral-gold pink dress with a long shirt and skirt with heavy gold embroidery. The Valima dress is a gorgeous creme coloured dress with handwoven flowers (pictures shall be up in the next blog post!) Both dresses were handmade.

2. I am doing my own skincare and makeup. I don't trust saloons for makeup at all. I am not one for the typical cakey makeup brides tend to choose (whatever floats you boat) because in the end it's just one day in your life and I am not clogging up my pores to look like an evil, cakey snow queen.

3. The wedding is on the 5th of January, 2015.

4. I am extremely nervous and have been having panic attacks daily.

So hopefully, the next couple of posts should entail makeup for the day, pictures of the dresses and stuff like that!

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