Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The good, the bad and the in-between in the TV realms.

This is a no-picture blog post. You have been warned.

Being the self-proclaimed connoisseur of TV and film, new TV shows are a highlight of my oh, so fun life. Sad, innit? And in the TV industry, new shows tend be come up in the autumnal months and last till the early days of the next season (which I can't remember at the moment, don't judge) This year was no exception to new, exciting and equally so lame and try hard TV shows, some of them being A to Z, Red Band Society, Selfie, Scorpion and the much anticipated TV shows such as The Flash.

However, as the TV industry goes, many TV shows are cancelled within there honeymoon stage because of low ratings, zero to nothing viewership of just for being plain bad. Examples being A to Z, don't get me wrong I was anticipating the show to be a good one but the beginning was kind of the best part if compared to the rest of the episodes. The plot was predictable, characters were cliche, and the script was trying way to hard #newkidontheblocksyndrome. It could have been a hit but it became a clear miss after the pilot aired.

So there's the bad shows that we can move on from without any regret, but then there are the shows that touch your soul (hyperbole is on point today.) Karen Gillian wore a wig for her role as Eliza Dooley in a modern adaption of My Fair Lady aka Selfie. It was a long shot for the TV show to become one of the hits like HIMYM and so on but I love the premise of the show. Henry brought the anty things in society to light in a "poker face" manner which I applaud, loudly. Gillian's character was far too Beverly Hills-y to make it but she posed well for the few days. I'm sad to wave the red headed WiFi lover and Poker Face Henry goodbye. 

Now for the good stuff. I root for the underdogs and if there's a group Sherlock-type-geniuses running around fighting bad guys, you know I'll be watching, plus it's better if their hot too, just saying. Scorpion had me hooked from the first scene. You've got drama, a hot nerd, action, a hot nerd, mild romance, a hot nerd, and humor, and a hot nerd. The show revolves around a group of highly intellectual individuals that team up with the Government to solve crimes. Sounds redundant, but the show itself is executed with slight touched of humor at appropriate timings, action to keep us glued, good plot lines that are well connected with the outlook of the show and mild romance, enough for the audience to crate OTP's and so on.  I have to disagree with the mixed reviews and pray that they keep the show on and going, because I am #TeamScorpion. If there's a season six of TVD, surely there can be a season two of Scorpion. (Elyes Gabel aka Walter O'Brien = holy handome man)

Red Band Society also caught up in the flames of having mixed reviews and I have to say I didn't jump on the bandwagon instantaneously. The melodramatic teen show revolves around teenagers  in a fancy ass hospital and the problems they face as individuals with an illness and hormones of a teen. I don't know, but maybe the whole theme of romanticising a disease (after TFiOS), Red Band Society calls from a distant place rather than reality. However, with that said, it is a TV show and it delivers drama, romance and the odd action here and there. If only the writers could inject a bit of realism into the plot... #itcouldbeworse

There you have some of the worse, best and in-between shows of the season.

What have you been watching? 
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