Wednesday, July 31, 2013

25 Random Facts About Me!

1.    I got a job. I should write a book – “The art of being a teacher and a student at the same time (if you don’t die by the end of the year WOOP)” By Kulsoom Hussain.
2.    I learned how to braid – I’m a slow learner when it comes to the beauty\domestical side of life.
3.    I made a resolution to save up for the next seven months and get myself an iPhone 5 (let’s just hope I’m not jinxing myself)
4.     I have social anxiety to the point where my mum threatens to not pay the internet bill then I have to leave and then it's like
5.    I am the worst friend ever. I don’t know how to keep up with texting and all that social magical-ness. I can’t keep people and have a tendency to push people away so don’t take it personally. But if I love your face and your extra special you’ll get my attention every second of the day.
6.    I would love to travel the world on a whim.
7.    I plan to get married before I turn 20 and no I don’t live in a village with illiterate parents, I just have a strong belief in marriage and all the amazing things it brings.
8.    I have purple hair. Well not legit purple hair but a deep burgundy hue.
9.    The current ringtone for my phone is “I am the Doctor”.
10. My first ever celebrity crush was Colt from Three Ninjas Kick Back.
11. I deactivated my Facebook account three summers ago and never activated it till this day.
12. My conscious may be the death of me.
13. I’ve lost contact with all of my childhood friends (I’m such a sad story, sigh)
14. I am a self proclaimed British.
15. I shall major in Literature when I get into University.
16. The university that I yearn to go to is King’s College London. Like I really want to go.
17. When I was around 11 I had written in my dairy that I loved Orlando Bloom and my elder brother had read it and used it against me to get a Happy Meal from my pocket money.
18. I know that the Doctor is real.
19. The human mind and its capacity of imagination boggles’ me.
20. Recently I discovered that I have a deep love for the Fantasy\ Sci Fi genre.
21. San Diego’s Comic Con is on my bucket list.
22. My mother has zero faith in my domestic skills (so do I)
23. If you call me I will sound like someone has punched me in my stomach, over and over again. So don’t call me.
24. In the next five – seven years I hope to have published my novel.
25. If Mia from Princess Diaries and Sheldon from TBBT had a child, I would be that child.

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