Sunday, November 24, 2013

Post Doctor Who Disorder *In the words of River Song - SPOILERS*

The long awaited 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who came out on the 23rd of November aka #thedayofthedoctor  and OH MY AMY POND. It was epic. Epic. Give or take a couple of things.
The premise of the episode wasn't what a lot of people expected. Personally, I thought that the episode would take off from "The Name of the Doctor". It didn't. The episode itself covered the deepest secret, or rather regret of the Doctor - the last day of the Time War. 

Bits I loved

1. David Tennet! He was an absolute gem. It would have been hard to pick up the character after such a long time, but he's performance was brilliant.  
2. Play on words from the past Doctors and little things, like the scarf made a Whovian feel proud. 
3. Billie Piper as Rose "Bad Wold" Tyler rather then just Rose Tyler. It would have super weird and awkward bringing Rose Tyler back from the parallel world. 
4. Brining all 13 Doctors, that's right THIRTEEN Doctors into the episode, one way or another.
5. Clara being a teacher. 'Cause I'm a teacher, so yeah.
6. The score. Amazing.
7. John Hurt's regeneration. I shall not say more.
8. The Tenth Doctor's "I don't wanna go".

Bits I didn't love

1. Clara! She didn't have many lines and didn't bring oomph like she does. They used her for more of a "you should do this now" type of role - a filler for words if you will.
2. Not enough alien encounter. I wanted more Daleks. Shame.

I have a feeling I'll know the lines of this episode by tonight. 

I have no idea why I haven't had a seizure considering how many times my mind was blown. 

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