Monday, July 21, 2014

Update & schedule

Twas a month back when I last typed but I have a very, very good excuse. 

Yes, I'm in the land of the hypothetical kangaroos and timtams and boy has it been good to be back! So far, I'm living at my Aunt's house and taking two classes (Early Childhood & Disability) and the shopping has been great!  

Now that I'm settled in with my new iPhone (oh yeah!) and MacBook Air (holla!) - I'm ready to dip myself in hauls, day in my life and much, much more! 

Thank you so much for the now 60 followers on Blog'lovin and 6000 pageviews - it means so much to me! I hope y'all stick around a bit longer (:

So here's a "let's see if it works" schedule:

Monday: Article, story, random, etc.

Thursday: The Aussie Diaries - a new series pertaining to my life here in Australia aka a day in my life.

Sunday: Hauls; reviews; favorites (beauty, tv shows, movies, shops, etc) ; etc.

Let's hope this schedule actually works!

Lots of love from Downunder (;
Kay xoxo

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