Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Bad Case of Wanderlust...

Do you ever have a need to just get away from life? Start anew, find different people, and discover fresh things? I do. All. The. Time. I have a bad case of wanderlust and it’s gotten to the point that I now feel depressed and frustrated. I like change and didn’t know that until recently. And by change I mean a change of environment - I have OCD (yes for real) so I always stick to my daily schedule.

Nowadays everything has been getting to me. The people around, the place I live and the things happening around me. Trust me when I say a monotonous life is a gateway to suicide. I have had the same daily routine for a year now and its killing me from the inside but it doesn’t seem to affect anyone else.
The world holds a thousand secrets but only shares them with those who wonder and every corner of the world has a million secrets to uncover but only those brave enough to soar can discover those hidden temptations.

Spending money is novelty happiness – as in it won’t last long. I guess that’s why I don’t enjoy shopping anymore (boring am I not?) I want the kind of happiness that lasts forever and that comes through memories of good times with people you love, places you adore and things you love to do. Right now the only memories I seem to be collecting are those filled with animosity and regret. Somehow I feel calm and this warm feeling of excitement and hope spreads within me when I think about travelling to new places.

 I’m not talking about wanting to fall in love in Paris and all those clich├ęs, no, I’m talking about that feeling you use to get when you were a kid – that feeling when you knew that something amazing was about to happen and your stomach would churn in excitement and the adrenalin of hope steers your emotions; that feeling that everyone seems to lose when the big grey cloud of reality pours over you’re sunshine.  

“If only’s” seem to swarm my mind nowadays. If only my parents never moved us here. If only I could take off. If only if only if only.

Honestly, do you ever just wonder what could be if we weren’t so scared of the consequences? 

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