Wednesday, July 31, 2013

List of Stuff My Mind Says I Need aka A Wishlist # 1

There are three stages that occur during shopping for me.

Stage One: "Look at things and adore from a far" (aka I have no money)

Stage Two: "Think about that thing (s) throughout the entire shopping trip or day or week and regret not buying it with Mum's money."

Stage Three: "Go back to the store probably a month later and find out that that item was sold out."

Now my list isn't very long and consists of items I have drooled for months now. So without further ado here is my " List of Stuff My Mind Says I Need". 

1. Oh my Amy Pond! This collection from TBS smells like heaven. I'm pretty diverse in my scents and I love peaches. So when I smelt the line from TBS a couple of months back I knew I had to get it but I still haven't but have made it a priority to smell like peaches very soon!

2. You can read about my love for Sophie Kinsella here but unfortunately during the years I had given the books to other people to borrow but either got it back in a state of shock ( as in all torn and ripped) or never got it back at all! Because of that I now never give my books to anybody and I am the type of person that cringes if my pages get dog-ears. 

3. This three pack necklace set from Accessorize has a plane and a globe so it was instant love. 

So that's it for now mainly because I'm super sleepy but do be out on the lookout for more "List of Stuff My Mind Says I Need".

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