Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Skincare Routine (as of right now)

 I love watching and reading the different types of skincare routine people have and I have to admit that I don’t exactly follow my routine religiously but I try my hardest. Personally, I don’t have oily skin or acne prone skin but I do have sensitive to normal skin so I tend to use products that are affiliated with dermatologists, just to be on the safe side – plus my Mum doesn’t agree with the “cocktail skincare products” concoction.

Top left corner – Neutrogena Deep Clean Makeup Remover; top right corner – Clearasil Daily Gel Wash; bottom left corner – Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamins & Extracts Wash and Mask; bottom right corner – Essence My Skin Moisturizing Crème Gel.  

Step One : Take off all the makeup and face gunk. For me, this is the most annoying step. I hate the stinging eyes and the cotton buds which seem to pull apart when moist.

But however much you detest something, that pretty much means it’s good for you. Taking off you’re makeup is necessary and Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Makeup Remover does just that. It’s perfect for those days (or nights) when you don’t want to waste any more energy on removing makeup. Just pour this baby into a cotton ball or pad and wipe your face clean. This product can even take off waterproof eyeliner or mascara, but it stings a lot, so be sure that you don’t rub your eyes if it slips inside your eyeball, just wait it off.

Awesomesauce Tip (: Put the cotton ball or pad on your eye and keep it there for a couple of seconds then slide it off. It’ll take off all your makeup in a jiffy.

Step Two: Now you don’t have to use a face wash if you don’t want to but I like to use it just in case there’s something left. Face wash in whichever texture, be it gel or normal face wash, cleans out your pores and all the icky dirt that lands on our face throughout the day. If you live in a humid area or are prone to acne, face washes are a must!
     Clearasil Daily Clear’s Daily Gel Wash does just the job. Can I just say how amazing the bottle is? I love pumps just because they don’t create a mess and don’t waste the product.

Awesomesauce Tip (: When buying a face wash makes sure it’s pH balanced – that just means that there’s water added which is great for our skin.

Step Three: This is optional and should not be done daily. Face masks give your skin a little extra TLC, though they should not be applied daily because    your skin can break out.
     Clearasil Daily Clear’s Vitamins & Extracts Wash and Mask doesn’t just moisturize your skin but leaves it smelling like a fruity cocktail. Yum. It has avocado and pomegranate in it which obviously makes it smell so good but also has a hint of mint which you can feel when applied. Leave it on for 3 minutes then rinse it off for amazingly smooth skin.

Step Four: Moisturize. The importance of this step cannot be stressed enough. After cleaning your face you have to seal all of your skin’s goodness and moisturizing does that.
    Essence My Skin’s Moisturizing Crème Gel is super light and perfect for the heat. Greasy, oily looking skin is not attractive so again, if you live in a humid area opt for something lighter.

You’re skin needs a lot of TLC so test products before buying them. Use the back of your hand and wait a while. If your skin becomes red or feels itchy don’t buy that product. Fancy and pretty packaging may be eye candy but remember that not all products are for your skin so be cautious when buying and testing new products. Spending money on your skin is an investment in a way, so don’t worry if you’re spending a lot – your skin matters.

Getting that baby butt soft skin does take effort and time but it’s all worth it when you have skin that you’re confident in. If you have acne prone skin then keeping your face clean is necessary.  

So that's it. My skincare routine with a few tips and tricks. Hope you enjoyed reading this! 

Till next time,
Kulsoom x 


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