Thursday, August 29, 2013



The Avengers consist of my favorite superheros. You've got The Hulk - the man whose anger can save people and destroy them, depending solely on he's temperament  Spiderman - the superhero that decided to do good instead of evil; Captain America - the God-fearing, loyal, kind hearted man that never let go of his roots; Iron Man - the superhero whose ego and sarcasm makes friends and creates enemies; and so many more superheros that each have their own "superpower" making them different but important all the same. 

But in the stark reality (which I deist) there are no hero's - there is only you. Just take a minute and think about all the crappy things that have happened to you, from the minute to the big things, and the people that left and all the people that hurt you - in the end you were left standing alone, which can only mean one thing - YOU ARE YOUR OWN HERO. 

So let's get down to what makes a hero, a hero? Bravery, obviously. Courage. Strength. A cause. A cliche backstory and a costume made out of plastic, bascially.

In the brilliant words of Sarah Bareilles: 
Being a hero doesn't mean you have to know kick-ass moves or a tight costume (that people may make fun of). For me, being a hero means being brave for yourself . Once you start believing that you are worth it and that your thoughts and words and existence isn't just a mere coincidence, you could be the best version of you. And by that I don't mean having a permanent smile and being positive all the time - superhero's don't have it together all the time, look at Hulk! Basically, the bottom line is: no one is going to tell you you're worth it till you know you are. No one is going to come up to you and say you're beautiful till you believe you are. And no one will know how amazing and brilliant and different you are till realize you're amazing-ness and how damn brilliant you are! 

Be you're own shoulder to cry on, be you're own bestfriend and be you're own badass superhero.

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