Sunday, November 15, 2015

| aléatoire |

I like to think that I'm somewhat good at photography. I enjoy taking pictures when I'm walking across a busy street (the above picture is an example of life-risking photography...) and I also enjoy looking at good pictures. Where am I going with this rant? Lord knows.
At the moment I am sitting in a lecture at university and I feel like a total bad ass, typing away. How criminal. 

I don't know what this post is about. I don't know what to type or what to tell. Though not much has happened...I have The Husband here in Australia now which is great and I've started Uni which is slowly killing me. Blogging after so many days does create 'writer's block' but I'm still going to post something because I am not dead and I am very much willing to write...

...but what to write? That kinda kills me. I suppose all my creativity is going into Uni essays and Instagram but nevertheless, I adore this platform that is mine and I will return but with no promises. 

Until I find something worth writing for, here are a few 'updates':

- I am still mourning over Matt Smith's departure - Capaldi isn't doing it for me
- I finally went to Sephora in Sydney. It was absolutely horrible.
-  I have four essays to do. Yay.
- The weather in Sydney is bipolar.
- I am still sitting in my lecture. 

Please don't assume that this blog isn't important - it is. I would very much like to present good content, not random things, hence the long periods between each post.

Hang in there,