Saturday, August 31, 2013

More Random Facts About Me

1. I have never eaten cereal.
2. I love 80's movies - The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink.
3. I can quote the entire Princess Diaries, books and movies.
4. People stare at me when I use hand sanitizer in public. 
5. Public places, like malls, make me ponder about human life or rather my life in particular.
6. I have been compared to Sheldon Cooper more than once (which is a compliment.)
7. I stopped watching PLL after Soby ended.
8. I am currently reading the dictionary.
9. Words are like dessert for me. I love the sounds and the way you feel when you say a new word.
10. Babies. I love babies.
11. I don't believe in the whole "working mother" thing women do. 
12. My bookshelf doesn't fit all of my books.
13. Online shopping shall be the death of me.
14. I love typography.
15. Oscar Wilde. Just Oscar Wilde.
16. I want to get married. Be married.
17. Whenever I do something stimulating, my reaction will always be:

18. My parents are the luckiest people alive. They never had to be the Dudley's and tell me what to do. I already do it. 

19. I love movies. The actors, the plot, the score, the emotions, the screenplay, the action, the climax - movies are incredible. 
20. Most nights I wake up with a jolt because I dream I'm falling. 
21. Guys with facial hair, have style and have a sense of humor are perfection. And yes. I am talking about Andrew Garfield. 
22. I'm a Marvel girl.
23. When I was a kid I had imaginary friends (yes, more than one) and we had a party and watched Paddington Bear. The fact that my Mum went along with it makes me wonder if she just didn't want me to have any actual friends.
24. I once bit my Mum in the stomach because I didn't want to go for swimming lessons.
25. Marshmallows make me sick. 

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