Sunday, August 4, 2013

Why? I can't even

My feels are everywhere. But what better time to talk about my open wounds then now, when they were opened by a man named Steven Moffat. 

If you couldn't tell already I am a Whovian, which means my love for Doctor Who cannot be expressed through the alphabet which consists of only 26 letters. Earlier tonight BBC One did a live broadcast in honor of the Thirteenth Doctor which just confirmed that Matt Smith is leaving - WHY? Why in the universe (and we live in a huge, ginormous universe) would the man who, in my opinion, played a fantastic Doctor want to leave the show? I'm still trying to find my words for the sadness that I feel because I don't want him to go.


When they announced who the new Doctor was my reaction was legitimately

He is so old! And I'm not against old people or anything but I can't fangirl over him! That would just be weird. He's name is Peter Capaldi and he was in Doctor Who Season Four when Donna and the Doctor (Tennet) go to Pompeii. 

I had just fallen in love with Matt as the Doctor and gotten over my Tennent feels. This is all so much to handle. I need a moment - or maybe a lifetime. 

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