Monday, March 3, 2014

Checking Examinations - SOS!

After spending the weekend checking final exam papers I came to the realization the teaching is the most underestimated job and I'm and not getting paid enough. However, spending 11 hours non-stop checking these mystical anomalies, I have compiled a list of my reactions throughout the process. Fellow teachers, let me know what you go though and how you feel why checking exam papers.

1. The Student Who Think's It's Cool To Add Two Options For A Fill In The Blank: 

2. The Student Whose Handwriting Is Worse Then My Doctor's:

3. The Student Who Hasn't Studied And Winged The Entire Exam:

By the end of it I was dead - my soul had flown away.

 But I survived only to be plummeted with 7 more piles of exams.

I hope by the end end of it I'll still be a person breathing and just a walking corpse. 

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