Monday, February 17, 2014

BOOK | Divergent by Veronica Roth

So basically Divergent was on my "books have I to read because of tumblr" list and I finally got my hands on it on Saturday, started on Sunday and ended it on Monday afternoon. Truth be told, I was like this the entire time (gifs to follow):

1. The initial reaction of awe and adoration for Tris and her choice. 

2. When Four starts looking out for her, I was like

3. When the fighting began

4. Then the book ended. It finished.

What the book was about?
The book is reminiscent of The Hunger Games but the plot if a wee bit 'softer' in many ways. It's not about killing children and the characters are much more relate-able. I wasn't scared about turning the page (which happened a lot during The Hunger Games) and I loved the three dimensional characters - everyone had a backstory.
The main point that attracted me instantly was the choice one had to make: stay with your family and live a life that wasn't yours or break away from them and live a life worth living? Roth nailed it when it came to the two main characters: Tris and Four. There are so many secrets that open up till the last page and I cannot wait for Insurgent to arrive at my door. 

So what did I think about...

The plot? More than kinda followed the premise of HG but it held up better during the action and romantic bits.

The characters? Perfect. Their weaknesses made them more relate.

The ending? As soon as I put down the book, I ordered the second instalment. 'Nuff said. 

A re-read? Hell yes.

Oh and the fact that the movie is coming out next month is BEYOND MY BRAIN'S UNDERSTANDING!!!!  

P.S. My book preference fluctuates like Katy Perry's hair color or better yet, Taylor Swift's boyfriends. 

Have you read the Divergent series yet? What did you think? 

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