Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jane Austen was right when she said...

... it is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. 

I'm engaged to be wed. How did this happen? Well,

First off, I'm an Australian-Pakistani Muslim, which means I've had may fair share of lamingtons and somasos. But it always means that I've been in a culture shock for pretty much my entire existence but I learnt to live with the different customs and traditions. When you're a teen girl living in the South Asian continent, marriage looms over you till the day your mouth is stuffed with gulaab jamoons (sweets) and your hands are painted with henna. Some would say that marriage in your teen years is either an oppressed act that your parents force on you or that your time runs out once you get older. The latter, in my perspective, is more likely to be the case. As funny as it sounds living in the 21st century, as time goes on, women and marriage can't be put in the same sentence. 

I use to think that I'd get married when I turned 25 but as I understood life and my religion, marriage at an early age is better for both the couple and their place in society. Being eighteen, I was bound to get engaged at the least within this year and it happened. No love at first sight, no instant spark, no glass slipper, red rose, or Prince Charming's kiss of life (going to far? yeah...) My relationship arranged - I've never met him, never talked to him, just saw a picture on my Mum's crappy old phone. Talk about romantic, huh? :P

I trust my parents and the decision they've made nut nevertheless, the entire time, since they day I found out about the guy till the engagement I was like and still am
I have a ring on my finger and my suitcase in one hand. Boy, life hands me good stuff like it's Christmas, too much at once.

This is just another adventure in life and it'll be full of sunshine, rainbows and probably, hopefully, for the best! 

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