Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Weekly Diaries # 1

Okaaay, so I haven't been keeping up with the schedule I planned out, buuuut in my defence I have classes four days a week and it just get's pretty hectic, and this week was also Eid-Ul-Fitr, which in one of the two Islamic celebrations during the year.

I took some pictures of what happened during the last few days & thought I'd share them with you!


The week started off with an Eid festival, where cake pops, clothes and cushions were sold. We reached there at like 3pm to set up my Aunt's clothes stall/booth and we're there till 10:30pm in the night - BAH! It was boring but luckily I was accompanied with a family friend for a couple of hours which were filled with catching up, hot dogs, sugar rushes and a very memorable prank call.


Today was the first day of Eid (there are three days) and I went to class in the morning and came back in the train. It was a slow day but tiring...


This was the day when my Aunts and Uncles came round to my Aunt's house (currently my place of residence) and gave out gifts to the kids and money to the inbetweeners...
My cousin bought me two of the BEST things ever! A Doctor Who wallet and a Doctor Who novel adaption! I actually saw the wallet in a shop when I went shopping with my Aunt a few days earlier and fell in love. She bought it but gave it to me on Eid day - I needed a new wallet and this TARDIS fit's the bill perfectly!!!

Towards the afternoon, we all went to visit my Grandpa, it was nice to meet up with him after such a long time! His fridge used to be stocked up my Chuppa Chups when I was a kid and my brother and I used to raid he's fridge every time we visited #cokechuppachupsFTW 

My Dad took me to Westfield after, because I have been on the search for a new bag but I couldn't find one, instead I came out with a 30ml bottle of Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Bouquet aka my FAVORITE perfume ever (and that's saying a lot!) We then drove out of Sydney for a BBQ at a family friend's house. I came out of there with gorgeous rings, a blackboard and the cutest Snoopy
coffee travel mug (both items are from Typo <3).

When we all got back from the awful long car ride, we made a stop at the cinema to watch the "Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes" which was amazeballs! If you haven't seen, go and watch it! A full review will be up soon (:


And that brings me to today. I went to class in the morning and had lunch with my Dad at Nandos #goodfood 

     So that's about it! I hope you guys enjoyed reading because I had fun writing (well, typing) this up! Be sure to follow me on Instagram (selfish promo) @hrhkulsoomhussainn 

Let me know what you've been upto in the comments - I'd love to know but not in a creepy way (; (: :D 

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