Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Everyday's Makeup Mess!

I am a minimilist in everything I do - even when it comes to makeup. My everyday makeup consists of basically winger liner and dark lips.

The products that I have been loving lately and have been using everyday are:

Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Face Sunscreen
I never used to use sunscreen but my Mum bought this and I stole it from her room and have been using it ever since. It applies creamy then dries matt - no greasy sunscreen face anymore! This stuff is amazing!
I use this before applying anything else and it actually works well as a primer as the formula is so thick. 

Lush's Lip Scrub in Mint Julep $10
I've heard so much about the Bubblegum lip scrub from Lush and thought I'd give it a whirl but when I smelt this one I decided to grab it and eat it. It's amazing and smells just like Extra'a Mint Chocolate bubblegum.
I use this to exfoliate my lips before applying a dark lip. It works within seconds and makes your lips all smooth and primed!

Inglot Liquid Eyeliner in Black $22
Love this eyeliner! I bought this on a whim and it is one of the best eyeliners! Super pigmented, glides on and dries matt.
I do a wing liner start after applying the sunscreen. I don't use foundation or anything like that on a daily base. It's straight to the eyeliner for me.

Essence's Plump No Clump Mascara in Black $5
Five dollars for one of the best mascara's I've used in a while. It's lengthens like crazy and curls the lashes really well. However, there is little volume. 
I apple mascara to my upper and lower lashes after doing a winged liner. I don't line my water liner or tightline that much either on a daily basis. 

Inglot Under Eye Concealer $22  
Light and blend-able this concealer ticks a lot of the "perfect concealer" boxes. I do enjoy this product quite a lot. But when this does run out - which seems soon, I will be trying to get my hands on the Urban Decay one that seems the rage nowadays.
I dap this under my eyes and blend away with my fingers, ain't nobody got time for a brush!

Milani's Baked Blush in Luminoso
I've talked about this blush before and the love still stands strong! It's an amazing blush and I still have not hit pan even though I use it so often!
Using the blush brush from Real Techniques, I dab the blush.

MAC's Lipstick in Diva $36
This lipstick is bae. It is the reason I wake up in the morning (lame?) and it was worth every single cent. Though it's a matt and dark shade, it glides on effortlessly and has good longevity. The shade is amazing and ugh - it's love.
I don't use I liner (maybe I should?) and just use the lipstick from the bullet. This lipstick makes the look (if you would call it that) seem richer and much more's perfection. 

So that's what I've been doing lately - what about you?