Sunday, April 20, 2014

Let's wind down with a cup of tea & random thoughts #2

Time for more random ramblings, let's go!

1. I am unemployed once again, well technically not as of right now but I've given my two weeks notice. If my students are reading this, know now, this is not your fault, the school and I never really got along - we've had our fair share of difference and I decided that the school has zero right to change me as it as zero right to change you. 
      That was my third  forth resignation letter in three years. Talk about commitment issues.

2. Now that I'm "free", I shall have more time to blog. I really want to dedicate as much as possible into the blog. Better photography, better content, just better

3. I have an awesome tumblr account. You should check it out sometime, you know, like if you want to. 

4. Instagram. Ugh Instagram. If you can't tell already I am not a social person, I mean AT ALL. But once upon a time, I had an Instragram, but my "smartphone" went to phone heaven, and now I have a 90's phone, hence eliminating Instagram for good. But I have a choice to get it back and start up my account again, should I? Instagram is such a vain place. I'm on the fence about this one - and probalby about everything else in life. 

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