Sunday, April 20, 2014

MOVIE | Warm Bodies (2013)

Okay, funny story - I went to the bookshop a long while book thinking of buying the book but I couldn't remember the name so I got Beautiful Creatures instead, and while I was reading my reaction was - what this isn't funny? Why isn't it funny? It's meant to be funny? Then I Googled it and embarrassed myself in front of myself. Yep. My mother is so proud of me. 

Whaaaaaaat is it about?
A zombie and a human girl, there's love (duh) and action and the perfect amount of wittyness, irony and sarcasm.
Okay so basically, the zombie apocalypse happened, everyone but a few were bitten and became zombies one of them being R (Nicholas Hoult aka J Law's boyfriend). He's a different kind of zombie, he thinks and can talk, slightly, grunts a lot and has an airplane filled with things his collected. Anyway, the human girl, Julie (Teresa Palmer) meets R and his fascinated by her, mostly because he ate her dead boyfriend's brain, and takes her back to the airplane and they hang out and she's like "what they hell are you" and he's like "I don't know". Long story short, they like each other, get separated (more like she couldn't handle the zombie drama) and then he start's to miss her, giving him and all the zombies feels again, then they reunite and the world is an okay place again. 

Waaaaas it any good?
Just go and watch it, your doing yourself a favour. 

What was the last movie/ good movie you've watched?

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