Saturday, August 31, 2013

I am a circus act.

Twas the time in the year when school begins again and one can only think of the bright "sunny side" of it and for me school's "sunny side up" is stationary! Oh how I love me some new stationary. I mean, the actual studying party is great too but I am not one who can pass up a chance to go wild with crayons and highlighters.

I was thinking of printing out some Doctor Who quotes and using them binder covers but I don't own a colour printer and I'm far to busy to get it printed out so I decided to make them myself. I used pastels (talk about messy hands) and just started drawing. 

Working and studying is a circus act. It's difficult to balance both aspects of life, everyday. The way I handle both is simple. Don't bring work home and don't bring school to work. Saying that, it is hard to separate both because both are extremely time consuming and important. I tend to get anxiety when I have too much on my plate which ends with me lashing out and being very moody, so in order to keep it together I have allocated Friday or Saturday night's as "movie dates with myself" (cue the forever alone meme) A good movie, relaxing lighting, some of my favorite snacks and no little brothers to annoy me can actually help with the whole unwinding and relaxing mojo. Current movie picks have to be: Princess Diaries 1 & 2 (obviously), The Breakfast Club, Pitch Perfect, and Easy A.

 The best thing though, about working and studying, is that you feel accomplished  like you've actually done something worthwhile which makes makes it's all better.  

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