Saturday, August 10, 2013

Things I wish I could have told my younger self...

1. Listen to what Mum says! Honestly if I he listened to my Mum I wouldn't have fallen into the things I did.
2. Friends aren't always that important. Put yourself first when needed.
3. Believe in your talent and potential. If I had studied harder in high school I wouldn't have flunked half my classes.
4. People come and go - attachment is over rated.
5. You need to be hard on yourself once in a while. Just because something isn't going right doesn't mean you're life is crap - people have it worse...
6. ...Saying that - don't think you'll fail in everything you do! Have faith.
7. Believe and have a stronghold on faith. God always helps - even when we think nothing is going right.
8. Remember the little things that happen. 
9. Money isn't everything! Who cares if someone has a new phone? You have something they don't - the ability to see things from a different perspective. 
8. Not everything is to be told. Secrets are inevitable and there called secrets for a reason.
9. Think before doing, saying and seeing!
10. Whatever happened, happened. Take the bad and good with you everywhere you go and keep you're head up because you've been through hell of a lot and someday, somewhere, someone may just respect you and look up to you because of that. 

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